A YOUNG dad attacked two men, leaving one unconscious for 30 minutes, after being kicked out of a Bolton bar.

22-year-old Daniel Morris has walked free from court after being sentenced for punching and kicking two men outside Shots Bar on Bradshawgate at around 2:30am on September 23.

Morris, of Shackleton Grove in Bolton, pleaded guilty to the charges of assault causing actual bodily harm to Branden Gilford and Patrick McDonough.

Prosecutor Juliet Berry told Bolton Crown Court the three men had historic bad feeling towards each other and the tension was renewed inside the bar.

She said: "There was a confrontation, as a result the defendant was ejected from Shots Bar."

The fight then continued outside where Morris punched Mr Gilford.

Ms Berry said: "That caused Branden Gilford to fall to the floor and bang his head on the pavement. He was believed to be unconscious for about half an hour."

A statement from Mr Gilford was read out to the court: "He assaulted me for no reason."

The prosecution added that Morris kicked Mr McDonough in the head while he too was on the ground.

The two victims sustained injuries including cuts, grazes and lumps on the eyes.

Miss Katie Jones for the defence said Morris had no previous convictions, but is still affected by a difficult upbringing as his mother was a drug addict.

Morris watched the CCTV footage of the assault and declined to watch it again prior to the sentencing.

She said: "He is horrified. It is out of character.

"He feels he has let his family, in particular his two young children his daughters, down. He wants to apologise in person."

Miss Jones added: "This case has made him look at himself and accept he does need help ."

The defence reminded Judge Graeme Smith of supportive character references provided by Morris' family friend, ex-partner and boss.

Judge Smith said: "It is clear from what has been said that you are someone who is a caring person.

"You are fortunate that there was no serious injuries caused."

Morris was sentenced to four months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months.

The judge also ordered him to 20 days rehabilitation activity and 120 hours of unpaid work.

Morris will pay £500 in compensation to be split between the two victims.