WANDERERS chairman Ken Anderson has banned chief football writer Marc Iles from the club and from speaking to staff.

The reason given is that Mr Anderson took offence at a tweet posted by Marc yesterday morning following news that Wanderers’ players and staff would finally be paid their overdue November wages.

Mr Anderson said a GIF of the Muppets Christmas Carol attached to the tweet was “offensive and amateurish”, and instigated the ban.

For many years, Marc has been THE person to go to to find out what is happening with Bolton Wanderers both on and off the pitch.

The contacts and sources he has built up over the years are second to none and he has covered the highs and lows of the club accurately and responsibly.

He has never sought to sensationalise reports and is always fair to the club by seeking responses to stories to ensure balanced coverage.

The ban no doubt follows several unflattering articles about the club’s finances at a time when Mr Anderson is trying to sell it.

We accept that he does not welcome the negative publicity, but feel the ban is inappropriate.

While access to players and staff has been withdrawn to Marc, he will continue to provide first-class coverage of Wanderers for us.

He is still THE Bolton Wanderers reporter and we will not be sending anyone else to do the job he does so well.