IT is regrettable but not unpredictable that the owner of Bolton Wanderers, Ken Anderson, has elected to ban Marc Iles from the club.

Marc is a highly respected journalist who has covered fairly and remarkably well the immensely difficult situation at Wanderers over the past few years.

The Bolton News is unhappy that Marc has been personally targeted in this way – but we stand firm against this move by the club. We believe it is unfair and inappropriate but will not waver in our commitment to covering fairly and accurately the comings and goings at our proud, historic club.

It has been clear from the announcements the chairman and owner of Bolton Wanderers has made publicly in recent times that he has an issue with Marc.

But we reiterate that while this appears to be a personal issue from Mr Anderson’s point of view we fully stand by Marc.

Wanderers’ financial situation in recent times can only be described as desperate.

We take no pleasure from it and we make no excuse for independently and fairly covering those trials and tribulations.

If players and staff are not being paid, it is a matter of public interest as these are people ¬with bills to pay.

If Wanderers are appearing in various courts accused of not paying what they owe, it is also a matter of interest to the supporters of the town.

Bolton Wanderers is the town’s football club, it does not just belong to any individual or group of people and, as a newspaper, The Bolton News will strive to report accurately, fairly and without bias all developments affecting it and those people who support it.

We understand Mr Anderson is trying to sell the football club and that constant stories about sorry financial developments will not help him do so.

But we are not here to help Mr Anderson sell the football club - we are here to report what happens at the club for the thousands of fans across Bolton and beyond. We answer to the fans – not the chairman.

That is where Marc comes in.

He works 24/7, clearly has the respect of everyone at the club apart from Mr Anderson, has superb contacts, knowledge and journalistic skills and puts them all together to provide coverage of the club which is second to none.

Wanderers’ reason for banning Marc from home matches, press conferences and access to staff was because he included a GIF of the Muppets Christmas Carol in a tweet.

They say the club found it “offensive and amateurish”.

We will continue to fully back Marc and, indeed, take this opportunity to praise him on the outstanding job he has done in trying circumstances over the years covering the club and hope he continues to do so for many more years.

We wish Wanderers well on and off the field as we continue to cover them as accurately, fairly and thoroughly as possible and do so, as we always have, from a position of support.