A CALL has been put out for town award nominations after no suggestions were made.

Westhoughton Town Council is appealing for people to be put forward for the Young Citizen of the Year Award and the Environmental Award.

Both awards were supposed to be decided on this month, however, no nominations were received for either category.

The deadline for nominations for both awards has now been extended into the New Year as a result, with the new closing date being January 7th.

The Young Citizen of the Year Award, established in 2014, aims to highlight any young person up to the age of 30-years-old inclusive who has provided a charitable or voluntary service to Westhoughton.

The Environmental Award was first given out in 2015 and is dedicated to any group or individual that has helped to tidy up, litter pick, plant and more in Westhoughton.

Councillor David Chadwick said of the awards: "It is trying to enhance the community, trying to recognise people who support other people."

He added that 'anybody who is engaged in the community' has a chance of taking the prize home.

Nominees do not have to be a resident of Westhouhgton to qualify.

Anyone with suggestions is invited to write or email the Council with details of their nomination.

The Town Council did have more success in finding a recipient for the civic medal.

This year's medal winner is Chris Buckley.

He is a co-founder of the Westhoughton Community Group.