A BUTCHER'S shop is celebrating 50 years at the heart of Bolton life.

S & P Phillips Butchers first opened its doors in 1938, since then five generations of the same family have worked in the shop.

Charles Phillips began the business selling meat on a horse and cart around Westhoughton before owning a store next to the Beehive Roundabout. The shop then moved to New Street in Blackrod in 1968, where it remains.

The butchers is now in the caring hands of Charles’ grandsons, Paul and Simon Phillips, who have seen all members of the family lend a hand. Paul joined the family business in 1979. He said: “We have seen a lot of shops come and go but we’re still here thankfully. We have always traded on quality.”

The family and their shop have faced challenges, from broken freezers and leaks to being served a compulsory purchase order and making the move to Blackrod. Mr Phillips said: “You just have to take it on the chin and start again.”

He added: “We hope when we finish with it, it can be passed on.

“It would be nice if it could stay as a butchers but whatever happens, happens.”