A DOG which savaged an elderly woman’s leg has been released to its owner with the condition it wears a specially imported muzzle from now on.

Reggie the Presa Canario spent almost 12 months in kennels costing the taxpayer more than £5,370.

Jo Thomson’s mother, Mary Martin, was bitten and had her leg fractured by the dog in December 2017 and last month the family were told by police officers the dog was going home.

Mrs Thomson said: “We’re devastated and furious. My mother had two fractures and a skin graft and was in hospital for six weeks.

“She feels worthless, she said ‘obviously I don’t count’”.

Mrs Martin, aged 76, was attacked while walking her toy Cockapoo in Springfield Road, Kearsley.

Near the junction with Holcombe Crescent Brian Reynolds came round the corner walking Reggie on a lead.

Reggie lurched for the Cockapoo, which was pulled out of the way by Mrs Martin and the Mastiff latched onto her leg, pinning her to the ground.

Reynolds, aged 63, of Holcombe Crescen, was walking the dog for its owner Tracy Kendall. In June 2018 Reynolds pleaded guilty to being in charge of a dog that was dangerously out of control and received a six month community order.

Ms Kendall was told that in order that Reggie not be put down he would have to wear a muzzle at all times in public.

Reggie remained in kennels until December when his owners were able to source a large enough muzzle from abroad.

In the time it took the case to progress through the courts and find Reggie a muzzle he had run up kennel fees of £5,370.

Ms Thomson said her mother was housebound for 10 weeks after leaving hospital and it has taken her about six months to properly recuperate.

Mrs Martin told her daughter after the attack: "I feel so bitter it's still breathing the same air."

Ms Thomson feels the dog would have been destroyed if it had attacked a child, rather than her mother, who was 75 at the time.

She said: "We know that if that had been a child, they would have died. Why is my elderly mum being treated differently than a child.

"She feels like she doesn't count as much because she's an older woman.

"It's unjust, there's no justice in it."

She added: "She'll never be the same, she's walking badly, she's constantly in pain because the skin graft stretches and pulls. It's ugly to look at."

Ms Thomson also asked who was going to make sure Reggie wore his muzzle from now one?

She understands the dog is now living in the Astley Bridge area.