VEGANISM is becoming a more and more popular lifestyle every year, and increasing numbers of restaurants and eateries are stepping up to cater to the soaring demand.

This week Greggs became the latest food outlet to unveil a new entirely plant-based option, launching their "vegan-friendly sausage roll".

The launch followed a petition by PETA last year signed by more than 20,000 people, and announcement of the hotly debated pastry sent social media into meltdown. So myself, a vegan, and fellow reporter Helena Vesty, a meat eater, decided to try it for ourselves.

We headed out to Greggs in Newport Street, one of 950 stores selling the sausage rolls nationwide, before giving them the all important taste test.

The sausage roll mirrors much of the classic Greggs meaty version, with 96 layers of puff pastry ­— which is light, flaky and crispy.

This is then wrapped around a unique Quorn filling which is succulent, flavoursome and packed with tasty herbs and seasoning ­— enough to satisfy even the biggest meat lovers.

Overall the tasty treat, priced £1, is well worth a try and a welcome addition to high street vegan options.