A THIEF who carried out a 'concerted campaign of burglaries' across Bolton has been sentenced.

Kieron Fairhurst was part of a group that targeted cars and homes across the north of Bolton between March and August of last year.

At Bolton Crown Court on Thursday, 19-year-old Fairhurst was sentenced to 30 months in a young offenders' institute after pleading guilty to 14 charges, including burglaries, attempted burglaries, theft from motor vehicles, attempted thefts of a motor vehicle, and three counts of fraud by false representation.

The court heard that on March 30, Fairhurst entered a home in Pitcombe Close, while the occupants were in bed, and stole a purse, bank card, and a car key, which he then used to gain entry into a car.

He and a friend then used the bank card to make a series of purchases, totalling more than £100.

CCTV footage also showed Fairhurst trying car doors in Hospital Road, Bromley Cross over the next few days. Footage from one property showed him swearing at the camera.

On April 3, he then stole a car from a home in Higher Dunscar, Egerton after entered a house and stealing car keys from inside.

In July, Fairhurst was handed a community order after being convicted of carrying out two burglaries and a theft in Chorley on March 10 of last year.

However, he breached the order less than a month later when he carried out another burglary.

Fairhurst was eventually arrested after being identified on CCTV footage by someone he went to school with.

Nick Ross, defending, said that Fairhurst had experienced a 'turbulent upbringing' and had spent time in care growing up.

He added: "He understands and recognises the gravity of the offences. Those he offended with were older and he was suggestible."

Sentencing, Judge Stead told Fairhurst: "You have fallen in with a group of individuals who know the ropes as far as crime is concerned and you have chosen to go with them and have committed offences over and over again.

"Your offending is so extensive that it would not be just for me to impose anything other than a custodial sentence."