A RESIDENT who has spent months dealing with rubbish issues outside her home has spoken out.

Cathy Williams lives in a block of flats owned by Bolton at Home and says she has had ongoing issues with other residents leaving rubbish on the ground and not putting recycling into the correct bins.

Ms Williams, who has lived at the flats in Newby Road for nearly three years, but says the growing problem of refuse has become worse in the last few months.

Just after Christmas she had to put the rubbish in bags herself.

“I have been trying since July 2018 to get it sorted to no avail,” she said.

“I spoke to a manager from Bolton at Home before Christmas who assured me it would be sorted.

“Someone even came up in November and took pictures, but nothing.

“I put everyone’s bins out, because I like to live in a tidy environment. I spent 30mins on Friday sorting through rubbish strewn on the ground and bagged it up, only to find this today.”

A spokesman for Bolton at Home said they would be investigating Ms Williams claims and would look to pursue enforcement action if possible.

“We will investigate thoroughly any complaints made to us of littering or flytipping on Bolton at Home property," they said.

"Where we can find firm evidence against individual culprits we will pursue enforcement action."

Anyone who lives in a Bolton at Home property who has concerns about littering or flytipping can report it to a representative on 01204 328000.