FANS of popular game show Countdown will be hoping mathematician Bradley Horrocks gets the right result.

The 21-year-old from Highfield is currently on screen in the Champion of Champions competition after winning previous rounds.

It’s the first round of the quiz to find the ultimate wordsmith and mathematician.

Bradley, who has recently graduated from the University of Manchester in maths, said: "I started watching Countdown in my first year of university. I like numbers, so I applied to go on.

"I got through the first eight rounds and now it is the first round of the Champion of Champions.

"There are 16 round. It was nice to be back on the show, I enjoy it, and I just remember it is a game show so don't get nervous."

When on not television, Bradley is planning his future, which will probably involve numbers of sorts!

Tune in to Channel 4 to see how he does.