ONE of Andy Burnham’s spin doctors has been sacked after it came to light he was subject of court proceedings.

Paul Gilfeather dismissal was announced yesterday with Greater Manchester Combined Authority putting out a statement.

The court proceedings are over drugs charges.

He had been employed by the authority for just over a month.

A spokesman for the combined authority said: "Paul Gilfeather was employed by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and his appointment was subject to normal recruitment procedures, which requires applicants to provide referees and disclose convictions.

“As soon as the GMCA was made aware of Mr Gilfeather’s court proceedings he was suspended and subsequently dismissed.

“He worked for the GMCA for a total of six weeks.”

Mr Gilfeather had been appointed to the £60,000 a year role as assistant director of news and media.

The position including being responsible for the generation and management of the news agenda for GMCA and the Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burham as well as building positive and productive relationships with a wide range of media.

The position was describe as a high profile and demanding media role.