A YOUNG Farnworth DJ has returned with his new single.

Thomas Dee, aka Tom Williams, dropped Your Loss Not Mine, his second outing as a producer, on January 7.

The track is out now on Kaisen Records, the London-based label of Italian tech/house figure Yuga.

It will be available exclusively on Beatport for two weeks before going live on streaming sites and for download.

Tom said: "This song I've had around for a while and it wasn't up to scratch for a release, and I kept changing and messing around with it until I got it right.

"I don't think I touched this track for at least three or four months, then I came across it and realised it had potential still and decided to go back at it until it was ready and finished.

"After a few weeks it was finished and polished off and ready to be sent off. I was happy with the result, and it took a while, but I got there in the end."

The collaboration with Kaisen Records came about after Yuga followed Tom on Instagram.

And after sending over his demo Tom was pleasantly surprised at how quickly Kaisen wanted to put out the song.

Tom said: "He ended up following me on Instagram but I didn't recognise him at first because he used his real first name.

"I sent him a direct message and asked for an email for a demo. He gave me his personal one and then five days later he told me he wanted to sign me and that he had a free date in January.

"I didn't expect it to come out so quickly as I only sent it him in November/December time."

The track follows Tom's debut release Flamenco, which was put out on Italian House label, AREA 94 Records, owned by dance and electronic music titan Frederico Scavo, in May 2018.

In October he headed to the five-day Amsterdam Dance Event, brushing shoulders with some of the biggest names in dance music.

There he networked with top producers and DJs who chatted potential future releases, and impressed Data Transmission's Grahame Farmer, who is now mentoring the young DJ.

Tom, who is a graduate of Electronic Music and DJ Practice at Manchester’s School of Sound Recording, said: "I met loads of new people and met up with people I had met last year when I went as well.

"I met people like C.O.Z who is Solardo's record label manager, Archie B who is an up and coming artist who is doing really well at the minute.

"Leandro Da Silva who is really really well known in the scene and went to his party on the Friday night.

"While I was at this party I met a producer called "Styline" who I went to give a USB to with my new song on it ­— an unreleased new one ­— and told him who I was and he knew me because of my first release "Flamenco", which was a surreal moment.

"We spoke for about 20 minutes and I got him a beer and now we are in talks for a future release on his label and he's been supporting my music.

"As well I met up with Grahame the owner of Data Transmission, who is a massive company in the dance music scene, and they are very popular and do a hell of a lot for the scene. He's going to be coaching me for six months to further my career, which is really cool and I'm really looking forward to it."

Now aged 24, Tom first broke into the music scene at just 15, DJing in Bolton pubs and at weddings, before progressing into producing.

He has since gone on to play packed out gigs in front of crowds of more than 1,200, and still maintains a weekly residency at The Wellington Pub in Farnworth.

A tireless artist Tom is now spending as much time as possible in the studio and is planning to play more dates and release new music as soon as he finds a label.

He said: "I'm really smashing the studio at the minute hoping to get more stuff out this year and hopefully I will get playing more dates.

"I have around three or four songs that are finished and that are sitting there. They are top notch sounding so it's just a matter of finding a label that will fit."

For more on Thomas Dee follow him on Twitter or visit www.beatport.com/artist/thomas-dee/688143.