BREXIT . . . it's a subject that has become such a hot potato and caused such division across the country that many say we are in the middle of a national crisis.

If Theresa May's exit deal isn't voted through the House of Commons next week, the Prime Minister will have just three days to tell Parliament what her new EU exit plan is.

In the face of that situation, someone needs to talk common sense.

And that person has stood up in the Commons in the shape of Sir David Crausby. He told everyone to calm down and not to make a rash decision. He told them not to vote for Theresa May's humiliating deal . . . he said his dad didn't fight through the Second World War for Britain to be humiliated like that 73 years later.

But Sir David also sees the folly of crashing out of the EU without a deal. He appealed to the Prime Minister to take action that would give the Government breathing space to make decisions in a calmer, less febrile environment.

Either revoke Article 50 or delay its implementation, he said. If that creates uncertainty for the markets or embarrassment for the Government, then so be it.

A lot of people have said a lot of things in the Brexit debate. Hardly a BBC news bulletin has passed since the referendum without the latest opinion on Brexit being aired. Not everyone has talked sense. But Sir David has. Will someone please tell Mrs May to listen?