JUST as all people are unique, all addictions are unique.

Not everyone’s circumstances are the same and this is why Achieve seeks to offer a tailored service to those who require its help.

When someone makes contact with the service their unique situation is looked at and they are able to make suggestions and give feedback on what support they need.

Donna Turner, service manager for the Assertive Outreach Team at Achieve, based in St Andrew's Court, said: “It’s not about the amount, everyone’s needs could be different.”

Someone’s addiction could be brought on by a number of issues or could contribute to other problems they have in their life.

Ms Turner said: “It could be debt, they may need a debt management service or a they might have a housing issue, which we would refer to Great Places.”

She added: “We work with what the client needs at that point in time.”

The Assertive Outreach team aims to bring people in touch with the Achieve drug and alcohol service.

This includes hosting events around town and being seen. They also receive referrals from a whole host of services like GPs, the hospital, the police and social services.

A key part of the service is getting people back into their community, out of their house and socialising again, leading meaningful lives. In the first few instances Achieve may visit someone at home but the final goal will be to help them lead their own life.

Ms Turner explained: “We work out of community venues and the plan is to engage them into the community.

“People tend to isolate themselves. If we have the ability to we will get them out of the home and to a familiar venue, it helps with recovery.”

For someone coping with an addiction, breaking their cycle can be important so visiting someone in their home, which may have become associated with their addiction, might not be the most helpful action to take.

Ms Turner said: “Nobody wakes up and decides to go into addiction, it’s something that happens over time. It can be hidden behind a front door.”

Not everybody has a front door and the outreach team works with homeless people to bring them into the fold.

Once a week staff from the services which make up Achieve, including council officers and nurses, walk around town and physically find addicts living on the street who might not be aware of the work being done.