KEN Anderson has told Wanderers fans that planned protests will not “make me rush into selling the club”.

The under-fire owner claims the demonstrations – due to take place before the televised game against West Brom on January 21 – will bring “negative publicity” to the club.

In his fourth web column in four days, Anderson also took aim at Wanderers legend John McGinlay, who has confirmed he will be present at a march, due to take place just after 7pm from the Nat Lofthouse statue in front of the stadium.

“I’ve noted that some fans groups have organised a protest for our game against West Brom on Monday 21 January,” he wrote. “While I’m pleased that they have changed their minds not to walk out of the game on the 58th minute I also don’t feel it is a good idea for them to hold their protest march before the game kicks off. I don’t think that this benefits anyone and can only bring negative publicity to the club.

“It certainly won’t make me rush into selling the club if that’s the real intention of the march. I have always made my position absolutely clear insofar as that if and when a new investor came forward that I would be a willing seller if that would enable the club to have better financial resources and prospects going forward.”

Anderson claims he has dealt with an HMRC winding-up petition against the Bolton Whites Hotel and will shortly be served with a further two against the football club itself, once from HMRC and another from Stellar Football Ltd, who are understood to be the UK’s highest-grossing player agency.

The Bolton News understands McGinlay is planning to attend the march but is keen to keep the focus on supporters, who are keen to voice their displeasure.

“It’s also been brought to my attention that club legend John McGinlay will be leading this march which I find very disappointing. I have never spoken with John and he has never made any attempt to contact or speak with me to air his views, which I am sure would have offered him plenty of reassurance.

“Along with the Baronesses, who made their views known in the media, a ‘source’ has confirmed to me that none of them are current season ticket holders and have not been so for a number of years now!

“I really do hope that those who are planning and taking part in the proposed march think again and that the game can go ahead without any distractions for the players.”