BLACK metal is an ever evolving beast which has permeated all corners of the globe, inspiring legions of musicians to produce some of the most primal, boundary-pushing and extreme music on the planet.

Nowhere is this more apparent than on “One”, the first compilation album from Leeds-based digital black metal label Cult of Osiris.

The anthology showcases 13 slabs of visceral and diverse black metal, abm and dsbm from some of best up and coming talent from the extreme metal underground, alongside legends of the genre – featuring artists drawn from the UK, USA, Canada, Norway, China and more.

Packed with killer tracks the outing is a captivating listen – from dynamic album opener Helioren by California’s Black Sigil, to Apothecary’s chaotic and discordant epic Murmurs, Winter Dynasty’s eastern mysticism infused Oh Mighty China and the enthralling Breakwater from Wolfheart.

There are also mighty cuts from Sveatnr, Abigail Williams, Unreqvited, Void Ritual, Uten Håp, Unholy Baptism and Wintercrown.

No doubt the compilation’s biggest draw, however, comes from Norwegian progressive black metal titans Enslaved.

Sitting at two thirds distance through the album the band’s track Sacred Horse, after an acoustic and clean vocal introduction, hits hard with a crushing and addictive riff, before heading off in a more avant-garde direction and rising to an anthemic ending.

Taken as a whole the anthology flows well, maintaining an unrelenting pace, with pummelling and breakneck songs  punctuated by more ambient and sombre tracks – culminating in mellifluous and melancholic instrumental album closer, Ghost from Scottish one-woman project ForbiHavet.

As with all compilation’s One is of course a part promotional exercise, but stands as an outstanding effort and a great introduction to some of the black metal underground’s shining lights.

Judging by this outing, the future of black metal and one of the genre’s youngest labels look very promising in 2019.

One is available for download and streaming on Bandcamp from January 14.

Track listing:

1.            Black Sigil - Helioren       

2.            Svneatr - The Whisper

3.            Abigail Williams - Akasha

4.            Unreqvited - Anhedonia

5.            Apothecary - Murmurs

6.            Wolfheart - Breakwater

7.            Void Ritual - A Glorification of Fire

8.            Uten Håp – Inert

9.            Winter Dynasty - Oh Mighty China

10.          Enslaved - Sacred Horse

11.          Unholy Baptism - Nihil

12.          Wintercrown - Frost Winter (Demo)

13.          ForbiHavet - Ghost