HAVE you ever been so ready to take the plunge and make a real change to your life?

Well 30 contestants are about to do just that.

Bolton Hospice launch their The Biggest Loser Challenge this Thursday for the second year running, as a group of men and women take on the quest to lose pounds to raise pounds.

I am also delighted to announce that I will be their official nutrition coach.

My first job will be to meet all the contestants and get a good gauge of where they are at with their diets.

Nutrition plays such an important part of the overall bigger picture so my aim will be to educate them to help them make better choices.

People often believe they are eating a healthy diet but when you take a closer look at the types of food being consumed it can be a very different story.

They may have too many carbohydrates such as cereal, bread, not enough good quality protein and fresh vegetables and are low on the water intake.

Any food that you consume will have an impact on your hormonal system which in turn dictates whether your body burns fat or stores it.

Depending on the types of food, it will either have a negative or a positive influence on the body’s ability to lose weight and ultimately change shape.

Once you start fuelling your body in the right way it will start to work for you rather than against you.

Your energy will increase, sleeping patterns will improve along with your moods, your confidence may boost and you may even renew your zest for life!