I BEG to differ with the editorial comments on Sir David Crausby's speech in the House of Commons regarding Brexit (January 11, Take a step back and think about Brexit .

Sir David says the referendum should not have taken place.

The problem is not with the democracy, but with the politicians who refuse to respect it. We are in this crisis today because from day 1 remainer MPs and members of the establishment have sought to undermine the decision of the British people and reverse it.

The Labour Party has been more interested in taking political advantage than carrying out the wishes of the people.

It is not surprising then that the EU has been so intransigent. Sir David states "nobody knew what they were doing".

The government spent £9 million informing every household of the consequences.

The people of Bolton and the British population as a whole are neither illiterate nor lacking in intelligence.

We pride ourselves on being a democratic nation. The suggestion that we revoke Article 50 is a very serious threat.

Like Sir David, many of us have relatives who fought in the Second World War and who also gave their lives to defend this democracy.

If the referendum result is reversed there is a strong possibility of civil unrest. We hear nothing but scare stories about leaving the EU on WTO rules you would think the government wanted panic.

In this same edition of The Bolton News, we hear from Bolton West MP Chris Green calling for the end to Project Fear after assurances from the French port of Calais that there will be no extra checks on lorries.

A responsible government would want to reassure the nation and give proper information on what is planned.

It is difficult not to believe that it is a deliberate tactic by some to create chaos and then scare us witless to persuade us to change our minds.

We have to respect the result of the referendum and leave on WTO rules.

We didn't vote for a deal, we just voted to leave. The people had the courage to make this decision.

There is still time for politicians to get a backbone and show some leadership.

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