RE Sir David Crausby, The Bolton News, January 11.

He states that the referendum should not have taken place and that nobody knew what they where doing.

I can understand this statement if you are talking about your colleagues in Westminster because they never know what they are doing and still don't regarding Brexit.

I agree with you regarding the deal Mrs May is putting to Parliament it is not what was voted for, she needs specific dates on when we leave the customs union.

So are you saying that all those that voted in the referendum did not know what they were voted for after the Government spent £10 million on a pamphlet telling everybody what they were voting on?

Well, I certainly knew what I was voting for to leave the customs union.

So we could have our country back to rule ourselves and not by an unelected anti-British bureaucrats in Brussels that is only interested in getting our money.

Look at the big picture in 20 or so years from now ­— we will not need you lot in Westminster, there will be no general elections, all the laws will be made by the EU commission and the European Courts of Justice.

Yes, a federal Europe run by unelected people. just like it is now.

That, Sir David, is the reason 17.4 million voted to leave.

You're just like your leader ­— you can't make your mind up. One minute you want to be out of the EU, the next you want to remain it.

So tell me what has changed your mind?

The circumstances are still the same. The Eurozone is in meltdown, Germany is close to going into recession Italy is there already France is in a turmoil Greece is bankrupt.

The EU is crumbling politically and economically yet now you and the remainers are choosing this moment to overturn a democratic vote.

Now, Sir David, saying that you're telling the 74.4 million what to do, let me tell you and all the MPs in Westminster what to do.

When article 50 was triggered, they voted for a possible no deal, however unpalatable this is to your liking.

Along with all the remainers, you should honour what you voted for in Parliament that the outcome of the referendum would be a binding vote on leaving the customs union and all MPs would honour that vote.

All your Anti-Brexit prejudices should not matter, but now you're saying our vote does not count because it is not what you and your ilk wanted and you preach about democracy.

Shame on all of you if you or this remainer-stuffed Government nullify or destroy Brexit.

They can kiss goodbye to their jobs and party.

Derek Entwistle