RE: Sir David Crausby MP (The Bolton News, January 11).

How dare this political elitist insult voters by stating people are not intelligent enough to understand what the voted for in the referendum well it was simple did they want to leave the EU or remain in the EU ­— to which the majority voted leave.

What they did not realise that the political elite of which he is part, does not respect the result and by fair means or foul would set out to block the people’s wishes.

It is not only Labour politicians but all the other parties elites who seek to ignore the democratic result of the referendum.

Cameron cut and run because he did not have the guts to carry out the people’s wishes. Mrs May picked up the poisoned chalice and although being a remain voter has done her best, she has had more treacherous MPs plotting against her than any PM in modern history. Her deal delivers on most of the people’s wishes only the so called back stop seems to be the sticking point.

Come on Mr Crausby tell us what you and the other elitist would do enlighten us poor stupid people . As far as I’m concerned the MPs are a bunch of undemocratic free loaders .

Iain Camick