I SEE the Octagon Theatre is advertising its production of Little Voice at the Albert Halls, promising that it will "beat the January blues". Take my advice and wear several layers of clothing if you choose to go to the Albert Halls or you really will have the January blues.

Last week my husband and myself went to see the ELO Experience.

The band itself was absolutely fantastic, but the hall was freezing, with cold air wafting through. Everyone was complaining and even the band leader commented on two occasions about how cold it was.

It ruined the whole experience.

I know Bolton Council is strapped for cash after all the government cuts, but the hall was almost full and, at £25 per person, one would think that enough money had been made to put some heating on.

I am a great supporter of the Octagon and have been to most of its shows which are always splendid.

However, I will be thinking twice about going to the Albert Halls again.

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