TWO inquests this week highlight the dangers of drugs, especially cocaine.

On Wednesday, we reported on the death of mum Tara Cully, who died after taking cocaine on a rare night out with her partner.

Today, we have the inquest of Damon Denton, who was a familiar face in Bolton town centre.

Damon, who was homeless, died after drinking and taking cocaine on the day he came out of prison.

His mother told the inquest that he had used drugs since he was 16 and his behaviour was erratic as a result.

Things had become so bad that there was a restraining order in place to stop him contacting his mother, but this was regularly ignored and his last prison sentence was for breaching the order.

Damon was 33 and Tara was 28, and both with their lives ahead of them.

Tara suffered from a heart attack after taking the drug and Damon died from cocaine poisoning.

They came from very different backgrounds, but dangerous drugs such as this do not discriminate.

Their deaths should serve as a warning about the dangers of taking any drugs.

Their families are feeling their loss and unnecessary waste of two young lives.

Something good should come out of these tragedies and hopefully others will heed the warnings before there are any more deaths.