IT is a bit late in the day for Cllr Roger Hayes to be suggesting alternatives and a second referendum on the Brexit issue.

In Bolton, 58 per cent voters said they wanted out of the EU, but only one of our three MPs, Chris Green, agrees with them.

Yasmin Quereshi and Sir David Crausby support the remain campaign ­— presumably they think they know better than the voters or, as Sir David put it recently, “nobody knew what they were doing”.

We voted to leave the EU and all of its self-serving, restrictive and corrupt institutions and rules.

We voted to leave the customs union that imposes destructive tariffs on many emerging countries and stops us buying food at cheaper prices.

We voted to leave the European Court of Justice that prevents us deporting terrorists and illegal migrants and gives unelected failed politicians in Brussels the power to over rule our laws and our judges.

We said we wanted nothing to do with an EU army or a federal state of Europe. We said we did not want to be ruled by Juncker and others like him who have no respect for our history and who have quickly forgotten their debt to this country.

On March 13, 2017, 498 MPs, including all three Bolton MPs, voted for Article 50 and that means we exit the EU on March 29.

It looks increasingly unlikely that Parliament will agree a deal that the EU will accept and that means, in law, that we leave the EU on March 29 with no deal and we trade on WTO terms.

There is nothing to fear from a no deal exit, planes will still fly, medicines will still be available and food will still be on the shelves.

These scare stories are put out to frighten us and to overturn the referendum result.

The scaremongerers would have us believe that the world will end if we leave with no deal but the enlightened amongst us know very well that no deal ticks all the boxes for a bright and prosperous future unhindered by EU federalisation, taxation, idealism and dogma.

It is what we voted for and I call on MPs of all parties to stop playing childish political games and to support the democratic vote of the people.

We voted to restore sovereignty, pride and independence to our great nation.

We voted to leave.

Cllr Bob Allen

Heaton and Lostock Ward