LITTLE Joshua Douglas was all smiles when snow fell in Bolton on Friday.

Mum Rebecca Jones took this picture of her four-year-old in Darcy Lever.

She said: "He was very excited when the snow fell. Joshua with his sister wanted to go outside."

Although the snow disappeared as quickly as it fell, it could well return to the delight of little Joshua.

For snow and plunging temperatures may hit the UK this week, forecasters have said.

Conditions look set to turn colder with the possibility of heavy rain, sleet and snow across the country.

There is a chance a prolonged cold snap could last for several weeks, but weather models are currently unable to make confident predictions.

The uncertainty comes from a sudden stratospheric warming event at the end of December, causing temperatures to rapidly rise in the atmosphere, leaving open the possibility of an extended cold period.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: "The cold weather is here to stay for now, and there could be more significant cold and disruptive snow at times through next week.

"Still a lot of uncertainty, so we're keeping a keen eye on that here at the Met Office."

In Bolton temperatures are expected to fall as low as minus 3, struggling to reach highs of more than seven degrees. The week will be dominated by wintry showers.