OVER a thousand Bolton Wanderers fans attended an organised protest against owner and chairman Ken Anderson.

The protest started at 7pm last night, ahead of the club’s televised fixture against West Bromwich Albion, at the University of Bolton Stadium.

Fans set off from the Nat Lofthouse statue and marched around the stadium chanting and holding banners, before congregating outside the main entrance.

Club legend John McGinlay was among the fans in attendance, days after his media privileges for the game were withdrawn by Mr Anderson.

The protest was organised by a number of online fans’ websites, blogs and forums who feel frustrated at the way the club is being run.

In his latest ‘note from the Chairman’ on the official Bolton Wanderers website, Mr Anderson discouraged fans from attending the protest.

He wrote: “As previously stated I sincerely hope the planned protests being driven by a small minority on social media, some fans’ forums and the local media do not take place as I believe they could be a distraction to the team and won’t help the cause.

“Hopefully, the small minority taking part will see the negativity this protest will bring to the club and decide there are better ways to achieve their aims and at this time it would be far more beneficial to send positive messages to the players and management and get behind the team.”