THERE is as much to learn outside the classroom as there is inside ­— just ask the youngsters at The Gates Primary School.

The Westhoughton school prides itself as providing learning opportunities in the "outdoor classroom".

Teachers says children can bring their learning to life outside.

A spokesman for the school said: "As a school we incorporate lots of opportunities for children to learn in the 'outdoor classroom'.

"The children get a lot from the opportunities we provide for them as it can offer ways to bring their writing to life and chances to see their maths skills coming in to effect in day to day life."

Recently the children in Year Two had opportunity to make a fire and toast some bread just like they did in The Great Fire of London, with teachers saying the sounds and smells from the burning fire inspiring the children with their writing around their history topic.

One child said: "I thought making the fire at school was really awesome and I loved the smell that the bread made when it was toasting it reminded me of burning lava. The fire was spitting and crackling when we were toasting which was so cool."

The spokesman added: "In Key Stage 2 the children had been learning about angles and applying their new vocabulary of obtuse and acute.

"They went out into the 'outdoor classroom' to see where these were evident in realistic circumstances."

He added:"The children really took pleasure in re enacting their own versions of the stories that they had written and used role-play opportunities to add in elements of speech into their writing."