MANY people try to do their bit for the environment.

Whether it is recycling, reducing waste and trying to cut down on the use of fossil fuels, most people feel they are helping reduce pollution.

As such, plans to reduce vehicle emissions across Greater Manchester by next year are to be welcomed.

But the way in which this is to be achieved could cause problems for businesses and subsequently families.

Those driving vans and lorries could face a pollution charge as part of the region’s Clean Air Plan which aims to penalise drivers of vehicles that produce large quantities of pollution.

This mostly includes diesel and commercial vehicles on busy main roads such as St Peter’s Way, Trinity Street and Chorley Old Road.

But businesses bosses fear the charges could hit smaller companies that rely on vans and lorries for transport.

As part of the plans to reduce pollution Greater Manchester Combined Authority has identified 152 roads that could carry charges for diesel and commercial vehicles to use.

Businesses are being warned to prepare now and either look at different modes of transport or to find alternative routes in order to avoid high charges.

Otherwise they might struggle to survive and put jobs at risk.

The scheme has the right intentions, but firms must make sure they don’t get caught out.