TODAY we reveal the car crash hotspots around Bolton ­— and there are some surprising results in what we found.

There were 474 collisions reported in Bolton in 2017 and 4,069 across Greater Manchester, according to Department for Transport figures.

While that is fewer than two reported crashes in the town a day, what is surprising is that most incidents happened in daylight, in good weather and with dry roads.

Most of the crashes also happened on single carriageway roads, with a speed limit of 30mph.

And Friday was the most common day for collisions, with 85 crashes occurring on that day.

The collision hotspots include Spa Road, at its junction with Moor Lane, and Bradford Street’s junction with St Peter’s Way.

These are busy roads and junctions and there are pedestrians using the streets as well.

Ruling out weather and darkness, the finger of suspicion points to driver error in the majority of cases.

Many mistakes are by drivers when they are rushing and police are encouraging people to take their time and arrive at their destination late and safe, rather than rushing and being involved in a crash.

Drivers can also be distracted by sat-navs and smartphones, which is why police rightly crack down on people who are focused on social media and not the road ahead.