In the New Year, it was, fortunately, Georges Lane that had ‘pot-hole’ repair and other partial surface repair – very badly needed. Probably in a few months, the same repairs will be needed again due to the load of HGV quarry and other traffic using and wearing away the road. The increase in the volume and size of the lorries, travelling at some speed, makes the road hazardous, as too, other roads in and around Horwich.

Although the road is “cleaned” as required, it is inadequate and our vehicles are mud-splattered and dirty, constantly needing cleaning.

Things are likely to continue or worsen, as we have received notice of an application for a “Northern lateral extension” to the quarry. So grows the Grand Canyon of this area. A recent quarry blast was the worst we have experienced in the 36 years we have been resident in Georges Lane; the house lifted and rocked (as did the furniture) with alarming force. Other neighbours described similar and were scared too.

Lots of work and money have been spent on the Rivington Terraced Gardens and should attract many visitors, accessing from Georges Lane. Hopefully the road and surrounding area will be maintained in a fitting way for this landscape. Watch this space!

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