CYRIL Meadows, of Leigh, from the medium of your newspaper, expressed his views on the honours list, food banks, universal credits, homelessness and the Queen.

Cyril feels as the though credits such as the MBE, OBE and George Medal are meaningless and awarded to pitifully grateful recipients.

Richard Stanton, a British diver, was one such recipient. He went to the aid of the Wild Boar football team and their coach who were trapped for 11 days in a flooded cave.

Rick described the miracle moment he found them alive, their small bodies were in life-support mode, and in the outside world, the joy of finding the boys alive was the biggest news story on the planet.

A further five British divers were honoured working along an international team. We Brits can also be proud of Harry Kane MBE and Gareth Southgate OBE for services to International football at the World Cup in Russia.

Homelessness is tragic to whatever reason when people have no safe place to live. The Government is looking at this issue along with Andy Burnham, Mayor of Manchester who is an advocate for good.

We can all pay our part. I purchase the Big Issue North, the independent street paper where recently Alfie Boe, Tenor, Dominic West, Actor and Joan Collins have made interesting contributions towards the magazine. Finally, the Queen with few any achievements to her name as described by Cyril Meadows.

The Queen is of course, head of state, the armed forces and the Commonwealth. Ten prime ministers, from Churchill to the present prime minister have counted with the monarch.

I remember 50 years ago the Queen in Aberfan where hundreds of children died in a mudslide. Likewise, in the 90s, Dunblane school where a gunman struck.

More recently, along with Prince William, she supported grieving families at Greenfell and Manchester hospitals following the terror attack.

As for living in a palace where the Government will not withdraw the civil list and we become a republican nation there would be no trooping of the colour on the Queen's official birthday and possibly some Russian oligarch would purchase Buckingham Palace and tourists in the millions would disappear from our nation.

Anne Berry