OLD buildings talk according to Barry Massey - and he should know having been a member Bolton Methodist Mission for 53 years.

He will be sharing his knowledge of its Victoria Hall in a number of night time heritage tours during the winter months.

The lantern-led tours of the 119-year-old building will take visitors through the labyrinth maze of passages and hidden rooms in the underground passageways below the main hall.

“Some people have heard voices, others feel a touch on their shoulder and some believe in a ghost called Ada, who was a member of the church in the 1950s,” said Mr Massey who has been leading the popular tours for 18 months.

As well as a cup of tea - “to steady the nerves” - tour parties will also be shown gravestones from an original chapel that stood on the Knowsley Street site.

The next tour takes place on the evening of Friday, February 15.

Suitable for all ages, tickets cost £7 and all proceeds will go to the church fund.

To book a place please contact Mr Massey on 01204 845493 or 07794 195920