HAIRDRESSING is in Lana Hughes’ roots.

Her family’s hairdressing salon , The Cutting Edge, is as old as her and celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

In an overcrowded and competitive marketplace, the company is obviously doing many things right to have survived so long.

It was founded by her dad, John McLoughlin, who decided to strike out on his own after many years working in a salon in Bank Street, Bolton, and then Manchester.

For its first 15 years it operated from the family home in Bedford Street, Egerton. The salon then moved to Blackburn Road and then moved to premises further along the same road in 2007.

In 2009, enterprising Mr McLoughlin extended his cutting and styling skills worldwide by producing sets of instructional DVDs.

He spent a year teaching himself the art of filming, editing and producing and as well as being bought by individuals, his DVDs sold well in Africa and Australia.

Sadly, Mr McLoughlin died in 2017, which is when Lana took over the business. She was more than qualified having worked in the salon since the age of 11, and then going full-time when she was 16. Apart from a brief period working in Australia, she has been there ever since and is determined to build on her father’s legacy.

The family connection continues as her mum, Christine, helps out in the salon and has been in charge of its recent facelift.

Client loyalty endures, with clients who first had their hair cut by Lara’s dad more than 40 continuing to be customers today, although due to their advanced age, Lara does home visits.

Looking to the future, Lana is determined that The Cutting Edge continues to be a high quality, strong feature of the community and a lasting legacy of her talented dad.