LAST weekend I had the pleasure of meeting a very inspirational lady.

I was hosting an event at The University of Bolton Stadium and was introduced to a friend’s mother who was 92 years old.

Not only did she not look her age by about 20 years, but she also played fully out during the yoga workshop.

All 50 attendees gave her a huge round of applause when we announced it at the end.

Kay was a perfect example of someone in their senior years who still believed in the importance of looking after her physical health to improve her quality of life.

In a recent survey conducted by Nuffield Health of 2,000 people aged over 55 years, 48 per cent of the participants didn’t feel exercise was important.

This is despite growing evidence showing that older adults participating in physical activity had improved physical and cognitive function compared to their inactive peers.

As we age it’s so important to look after our bone and muscle strength, balance and mobility.

Any kind of resistance work including bodyweight, bands, weighted machines and free weights can achieve this as well as disciplines such as yoga and pilates.

Regular activity can also play a huge part in preventing and managing illness and following an injury, it can be very beneficial for rehabilitation and returning to full fitness.

And if that wasn’t enough reason for engaging in movement, it’s also great for maintaining good mental health, socialising and meeting new friends, improving sleep and beating stress.

And if you’re a little unsure enlist the help of a professional who can tailor a programme specific to your needs.

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