TODAY marks the end of a 19-month legal battle The Bolton News has fought on your behalf.

In July, 2017, Rocky Knight admitted possessing and distributing indecent images of children.

But since then, he has fought to keep his name out of the public domain ­— something that goes against all the principles of open justice.

Knight claimed he would be at risk of being harmed if his identity came to light as he argued that such offences are not tolerated in the traveller community.

But, as a judge yesterday agreed with us, that is no excuse for his crimes to remain anonymous ­— and he didn’t produce any credible evidence that he was at risk.

In this country, justice has to be served and has to be seen to be served, whatever the crime.

Had he been granted anonymity, it would have been a slippery slope which could see anyone accused of any crime claiming that they would be at risk if their crimes were discovered by others.

If he had succeeded in his bid, what would stop him from re-offending again and again, knowing that he could hide behind a cloak of secrecy?

The system relies on openness and transparency, giving victims and witnesses the confidence that they will be protected and treated fairly, and those who are guilty in the eyes of the law will be punished ­— and not allowed to hide.