WHEN Theresa May stated in the House of Commons some months ago that austerity was at an end, only to be followed up by Chancellor Philip Hammond some time later who said it was coming to an end, it seems that Hammond’s comments was nearer the truth, even though still a million miles away.

By the fact that Bolton Council has to make savings of £30 million over the next two years ­— now let us call a spade a spade ­— these are enforced cuts to services and jobs.

More than 1,400 jobs have been lost at Bolton Council, and cuts of £190 million have been implemented since 2010.

The latest cuts will affect children's services, adult social care, and public health, resulting in 124 job losses in these areas over two years.

These measures are an attack on the most vulnerable in our town. This cannot continue. Bolton has some of the most deprived areas in the country.

I understand the need to raise council tax by 3.9 per cent to help fund services, but find it difficult to stomach.

Austerity it not coming to an end ­— it is alive and kicking, hurting the poorest and most vulnerable in Bolton.

People are being asked to pay more for less services.

The Tory Government should tackle the big tax dodgers, the corporations, and wealthy individuals who get away with denying the treasury an estimated £120 billion in lost revenue.

These are the people the Government should hit, and not the poorest in society.

Austerity quite simply is not working, and should be ended now.

We have a far less equal society now than we had 10 years ago.

Alan Johnson

Green Party Candidate

Rumworth Ward Bolton