YOUNG scouts spent the night in makeshift cardboard boxes to learn about the struggles of homelessness.

The members of 5th Tyldesley Cub Scouts took part in a Cardboard City Sleepover at their hut on Saturday.

Half of the money raised for the sponsored sleepover will go to the campaign, A Bed Every Night, run by Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham.

To make it as realistic as possible, the young participants were only allowed to bring their cardboard and sleeping gear, but no change of clothes or toiletries.

Cub leader David Simpson says the night was a resounding success. He said: “They loved it. Some of them made simple shelters, some made communities of shelters.”

The manager of Atherton and Leigh Shelter for HoPe also joined the charity night, teaching the children about why people become homeless and what they can do to help.

Mr Simpson added: “They were listening, being mature and asking really good questions.

“It was fun and it raised awareness of an issue that’s close to home. We also went home with an appreciation of just how fortunate we are.”