A HORSE lover who has an aggressive eye condition has launched an appeal to save her sight.

Rowan Gomm, of Squires Lane, Tyldesley was diagnosed with a condition called proliferative retinopathy last June which led her to having laser surgery.

The 24-year-old lost most of her vision in her right eye after having three rounds of surgery. She was offered the same treatment for her left eye but she not want to risk damaging her vision further.

Former Fred Longworth High School pupil Rowan discovered she had the condition after a screening for her diabetes type one.

She said: “My vision is going rapidly every day.

“The condition I have has effected everything I do.

“I run an online business selling horse saddles but now I cannot work because I’m not able to look at a computer for so long and I needed to use it for everything I did.

“I have even had to stop horse riding as it can cause more blood vessels in my eyes to rupture especially if I had a fall.

“I cannot use my phone to speak to friends because I cannot see properly.

“I have also had to put two of my horses up for sale to raise funds for treatment."

Rowan has been recommended to take anti–vascular endothelial growth factor therapy (VEGF) injections as an alternative but the treatment is not NHS-funded. Each injection costs £1,000 and it is advised she will need five of them in her first year with her requiring them for the rest of her life.

Around £3,500 has been raised for Rowan now including a fundraising event at the Git Pit Club in Astley last year.

To donate to the appeal visit https://uk.gofundme.com/help-me-fight-to-save-my-sight