THE dangers of drink and drug-driving are highlighted in the case of Kelly Sumner today.

The 35 year old had been at a party where she was up until 3am drinking vodka and cider and took up to six bags of cocaine ­— putting her 16 times over the drug-driving limit.

Just a few hours later, she was behind the wheel of her uninsured car, careered on to the wrong side of the road and hit cyclist Stephen Derbyshire.

The senior IT consultant was left with severe head injuries and fractures after being hurled into the air and against a lamppost.

He had stopped breathing and it was the actions of others, including retired nurse Christine Holt, that saved his life.

He suffered a cardiac arrest and was in a coma and spend five months in hospital.

He now needs round-the-clock care after suffering a brain injury.

Sumner told witnesses at the scene that she had fallen asleep at the wheel.

With the drink and especially the drugs in her system, she should never have been behind the wheel of the car.

As it had no insurance, it should not have been on the road anyway.

Mr Derbyshire’s family must now launch a civil action for compensation to help with the huge medical bills for his ongoing care.

Sumner has been jailed for three years. She came so close to killing Mr Derbyshire ­— who faces a life sentence of his own ­­— that it could have been much longer.