POLICE were called to Harwood over the weekend, after “up to 100 youths” in the area displayed anti-social behaviour.

GMP Bolton North posted on social media that there were numerous reports on Saturday night and that the people involved may have attended a large party in Bromley Cross, earlier that evening.

The post read: “We were called to numerous reports of Anti-Social Behaviour in the Harwood area. 

“There were up to 100 youths and some were causing upset to local residents due to their behaviour. 

“Some youths are believed to have attended at a large house party in Bromley Cross prior and some were intoxicated. 

“ASB patrols will continue to prevent future instances occurring and we will be taking action to resolve this issue for local residents.”

On Saturday night, a Bolton North fire crew also attended at Longsight Park after around 20 youths set fire to a bin.

According Cllr Jacqueline Radcliffe, a local councillor for the Bradshaw ward, people in the area are “up in arms”.

She said: “We’ve had it for the past three weeks.

“They’re stealing wheelie bins, taking them to the children’s play area and setting them on fire.

“People are throwing eggs at windows in Longsight Lane and there have been a few aggressive off road bikers.

“One elderly couple were frightened to death by a bike coming extremely close to them while they were walking the other day. 

“We had problems a few years ago culminating in the golf club being set on fire and we don’t want it to get to that level again.

“I just wish the parents would take more notice of where their children are and what they’re up to. Some of them are staying out all night.

“People are up in arms. Someone even rang me about it at 10pm on Saturday.”

Councillor for Bromley Cross, Cllr David Greenhalgh said while he is not aware of the specific house party in question, he is massively concerned by the rise in anti-social behaviour.

He said: “I’ve not heard about the party in question but anti-social behaviour is a huge concern at the moment, not just for us but for the town as a whole.

“We’ve always had issues with under-age drinking and drugs but there definitely seems to be a rise on the whole.

“We’ve taken some measures like installing temporary CCTV cameras and having lights put up, which has alleviated the pressure, but you always fear it’s just moving people on to other places.

“One of those is obviously Harwood, which has been a meeting place for a long time. We also have issues with youths gathering in Eagley.”

Cllr Greenhalgh is calling on the police to adopt a strong approach in dealing with anti-social behaviour.

He added: “I wish there was more we could do but primarily we have to look to the police to clamp down on it and have a zero-tolerance approach.”

Greater Manchester Police have asked anybody with any information about the anti-social behaviour to contact them, by emailing boltonnorth@gmp.police.uk or calling 0161 856 5619.