CHRIS Green MP has raised constituents’ crime concerns in a House of Commons debate on anti-social behaviour.

He said there had been a spike in the number of calls he had received about rising crime levels in Bolton West and Atherton.

He said he had long been calling for greater police funding and improved resourcing of local police.

Mr Green said: “My constituents tell me that they have witnessed a rise in both anti-social behaviour and in violent crime.

“In Atherton especially there have been some very serious instances of crime. There was a very serious stabbing incident at Atherton Library and there have been other instances of violent crime on Atherton high street.

“There is a concern often that there is too much focus in Greater Manchester Police on Salford and Manchester rather than parts of the boroughs of Wigan and Bolton.

"I think there is a very strong feeling locally that we need that fairer distribution of policing resources and it is important for the Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester to ensure that we have a fair distribution of policing resources right across the area."

Earlier this month, Mr Green wrote to the Police and Crime Commissioner, Andy Burnham, urging his to ensure that his constituency received its fair share of the £34.7million increase in funding for Greater Manchester Police.