MASSIVE factions of the left in Britain somehow believe that Shamima Begum, the runaway ISIS bride, is a woman who should return to the UK.

Those such as the Guardian newspaper believe that she was groomed and that Britain as a country should sympathise with her.

This is a disgrace and if this woman happened to be someone of a far-right terrorist organisation, nobody on the left would be arguing the same and rightly so.

Others would argue that Begum should return to the UK and face the UK justice system.

Again, the answer should be no. The British justice system is weak. It allows the very people who promote Islamic terror to walk free within only a few short years.

Those such as Anjem Choudary, the man who radicalised the killers of Lee Rigby, are a prime example of this.

Not only this, but people like Begum spread their hate like a cancer across the prison system, radicalising inmates in the process.

It is a waste of money helping these people and the British tax payer does not need yet another needless burden on their shoulders.

The simple answer to the Begum case is to not allow her in. Leave her in Syria. We do not want her, we do not need her.

As a country which once fought fascism, we now import it and the multiple terrorist attacks across the UK are an example of this.

This country needs to start thinking of the victims of these terrorist attacks rather than the Jihadis who caused them in the first place.

This is a woman who has told the UK press that she knew precisely what ISIS was about when she joined, a woman who has said that she was not fazed by the fact that she found severed heads in the bins of her household and a woman who is documented saying that the prime reason that she wants to return to the UK is to use the NHS for her new-born child.

This is not a woman who regrets what she did, not a woman who wants to return to the UK to redeem herself, she is a woman who wants to come to rip this country off. Her justice is best served in the hell hole she decided to join just four years ago.

Let her rot there.

Ryan Wood

Deputy chairman

UKIP Bolton Branch