I CANNOT believe the conversation is actually being had in this country.

Serious consideration is apparently being given by the authorities to Shamima Begum’s request to be allowed to return to the UK in order (in my opinion) that she may resume her career in international terrorism, from these shores.

And what has her newborn child has got to do with this anyway?

Firstly, it is not British, it is not ethnically British, it was born in Syria to Muslim parents, one of which has no ties to the UK whatsoever, therefore that’s where it belongs.

It certainly does not belong as a burden to the British tax payer.

Having got all that out of the way, far be it for me to judge this wretched individual as to whether or not she is guilty of what people say she is.

I would much rather she is instead judged by God, the one she puts so much faith in.

Let God decide whether or not she is guilty.

Stuart Chapman

Co Kerry