I HAVE lost count of the number of (what seems almost identical) letters I have read that have come from Alan Johnson regarding government cutbacks, austerity and hitting big businesses and wealthy individuals with higher taxes etcetera (“Austerity isn’t working ­— end it now”, Letters, February 15).

It would appear that Mr Johnson still doesn’t get it!

Every time he writes such pointless letters he plays into the hands of the ruling classes, because they can just simply ignore him.

Governments ­— and it doesn’t matter which one it is whether it’s a Tory one or a Labour government ­— couldn’t care less about him and all the other Proletariats out there.

I seem to remember that there was just as much austerity in the country (if not more) when Labour was in power.

In your letter, Mr Johnson, you rightly complain about the increase in council tax, but, unfortunately, I’ll bet that you will still pay up, the full amount, on time, making sacrifices all along the way in order to do so for a service from the council that will in no doubt be even more inferior than the one you suffered and paid far too much for last year.

The present system quite clearly isn’t working, is it?

You have to play them at their own game, Mr Johnson. The people/organisations, government/council institutions you speak of in your letter have no qualms about defecating on you from upon high, so why should you have any misgivings about dumping on them from a great height either?

Perhaps a derailment of their precious gravy train wouldn’t go a miss?

Think outside the box for once, conduct your business affairs and part with your money more cautiously (especially when giving it to government) cut out the middle men, and indulge yourself in a little freedom of thought, expression and ‘free enterprise’, organise, take back control and in the process, instead you will start to deprive them of your hard earned money, as they would deprive you of it.

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