PEOPLE regret not raising concerns about their care shows research by the care watchdog.

The Care Quality Commissiong is calling for more people to speak up about their experiences after their survey found 14 per cent of people in the north west had concerns about their care but did not raise them.

The study also found 58 per cent regretted not raising their concerns.

Where concerns were raised, 57 per cent found their issue was resolved quickly.

Ian Trenholm, chief executive of the CQC, said: "“We know that when people raise a concern they have a genuine desire to improve the service for themselves and others.

"We also know that the majority of services really appreciate this feedback and make positive changes, as this new research shows."

Commons reasons for not raising a complaint were not know where to raise it, not wanting to be a troublemaker and worries about not being taken seriously or that nothing would change.