A GANG of hooded youths are wreaking havoc across Harwood.

Firefighters were called to Longsight Park twice last night after a group of up to 50 youngsters set fire to bins on the children's play area.

Police officers also attended and spoke to the group.

Fire crews have been called to the park several times this week, one of which was on Saturday night when the same group set fire to a bin there, causing a 'massive' amount of damage.

A Bolton Council outreach officer also went down to the park to speak to the youths.

Earlier this week, police warned that the vandals were setting fire to wheelie bins on the park so they could inhale toxic fumes.

Officers warned that the stunt was 'extremely dangerous' as the fumes from the plastic were 'highly toxic'.

They advised residents living in the area to remove their bins from the kerbside after they had been emptied.

But, the group appear to be continuing undeterred, with crews having been called to the park four times in the last two days.

Mark McCourt, watch manager at Bolton North fire station, said: "They are destroying the children's play area by bringing the bins to the park and setting fire to them.

"They are doing it during the days as well.

"The police say they are having trouble with them in shops. They are going into Morrisons in Harwood, buying cheap booze and then causing chaos.

"They just put their hoods up, so you cannot see them. We are pretty sure it is the same group."