IT is good to see that Chris Green MP is asking for 'a fair distribution of policing resources right across the area'.

He must be aware that his Tory government have in the last five years cut spending in the North by £696 million in real terms while the South of England has seen an increase of £7 billion. Is he demanding fair and equal funding across the country? Somehow I doubt it.

I have in the past campaigned for fair funding for the North. The inequality is obvious and there for all to see.

The latest insult is the electrification of the train service. Much has been said about the 'new' electric trains now operating through Bolton.

What is not so well known is that these trains are cast-offs from Thames Link and are 30 years old. Thames Link of course getting new stock.

Bolton will also be getting new trains sometime soon (?) but it is my understanding that they will be on the Blackpool-Manchester Airport service, once an hour.

The railways started to be electrified in the South East in 1923 and by 1929 ran 17.8 million electric train miles. Maybe, one day the |North will start to get its fair share, but I don't think I'll be around long enough to see it.

Eric Hyland