A CYCLIST has been reunited with his 'rare and expensive' bike after it was stolen.

The bike was recently taken during a burglary in Kearsley.

Along with the bike, spare wheels were also stolen.

The bikes, made by Italian company Bianchi can retail for as much as £3,700.

Greater Manchester Police also described the bike as "rare" and "expensive" in a Facebook post on their Bolton Central and South pages.

They wrote: "A rare expensive bike and spare wheels has been recovered by GMP officers after being stolen in Kearsley.

"It has now been returned to a grateful owner."

PC Carl Hewitt of Bolton police explained how police managed to reunite the bike with its owner.

He said: "The bike was stolen during a domestic burglary from the victim.

"An officer was on patrol and saw a suspicious male on a bike whom he challenged.

"The male made off on the bike with the officer giving chase, forcing the male to ditch the bike.

"The officer recovered it and, through his enquiries, managed to find the victim and reunite them with the bike.

Greater Manchester Police have also urged anybody who sees any suspicious activity, to report it anonymously to Crimestoppers, by ringing 0800 555 111.