MALCOLM Pittock’s latest was so dramatic, it made me laugh.

“Israel and British supporters are working hard to discredit Corbyn” (February 21).

Apparently, according to Mr Pittock, it’s all the fault of the Israelis and the likes of myself that “Jeremy” is being portrayed as ­— to quote Delboy ­— such a plonker.

Unlike Malcolm Pittock, I would not for one moment presume that Jeremy Corbyn is not completely capable of discrediting himself through his own validation.

He certainly does not need the help of the Israelis, or me for that matter, with this task.

Malcolm Pittock goes on to reiterate that Corbyn is a socialist!

To which I would ask as to what kind of socialist would that be then Mr Pittock?

Would it be the same kind of socialist as Hitler was, or perhaps a socialist cast from the same mould as other famous socialists?

The likes of Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong or Pol Pot immediately come to mind, or perhaps may be the Rocket Man from North Korea? There’s plenty to choose from?

The left/socialism/ communism call it what you like it’s all the same have a well-proven track record when it comes down to being anti-Semitic.

There is no need for me to go into Corbyn’s past record on this as it is indeed well documented.

Stuart A Chapman

Co Kerry