SO, Mrs May has decided the country shall have a vote to delay Brexit?

This isn’t what the country voted for. We voted to leave ­— come what may. We didn’t vote for a deal or no deal. We voted to leave.

It seems she is determined to destroy the core of the Conservative Party and in doing so cementing those Labour voters who also voted leave to come together in other political outlets.

Why is it these politicians think they can carry on ignoring the will of the people?

I cannot wait for the next election. The sooner the better, but god help us should Corbyn get in.

As far as I’m concerned, the country is finished if he becomes PM.

That said, the whole political system is a mess, a weak and feeble effigy of what it once was under Blair and Thatcher, and I’m certainly not a Blair fan, but at least he was steadfast in his belief.

Now all we seem to have is cowardly MPs who are two faced to their constituents.

I disagree with the hypocrisy of those on the remain side who left Labour, who all along said we have to stay in the EU to influence it?

What happened to them staying in Labour? The sooner we get these people out, the better.

Quite frankly, Corbyn has bottled it and in attempting to hide the party’s wanton need to ignore 17.4 million people.

He has caved in at the last minute after realising many of his MPs might desert his party en masse at any moment.

Why are these cowardly MPs so afraid of no deal?

Time and again it’s just been scaremongering nonsense we have had to listen to banal excuses.

What happened to courage and steadfastness in our country? They aren’t exactly setting an example for being firm, arguing your case and winning the business you set out to win.

I can only imagine if this had been the attitude prior to us freeing the threat to our country from the fascist dictators in Europe.

Oh wait, is this groundhog day?

Ian Upton

Kilmory Drive