THE so-called “Momo challenge” has been making headlines and causing concern for parents.

Momo is a creepy doll-like figure which is said to appear in social media, videos and games online. This is what parents need to know, and what you can do to protect your child:

Set age-appropriate boundaries. Children of any age should be very cautious about adding anyone they don't know to their networks.

Have open conversations about online safety, and let your child know they can come to you if they see anything that upsets or worries them.

Report any Momo-related content to the platform (e.g. YouTube, Instagram).

Teach your child what it means to be assertive and explore saying no to doing things they don't want to do - whether face to face or online.

Get help: our website has advice for families about online safety.

Momo may be frightening to children, in particular younger children. Memes like the Momo challenge draw their power from fear, so make sure your children see that you’re not scared of Momo, and it’s a problem you can solve together.

Lauren Seager-Smith

CEO, Kidscape